Student Eligibility

1002.455 Student eligibility for K-12 virtual instruction

A student is eligible to participate in virtual instruction if

  • The student spent the prior school year in attendance at a public school in the state and was enrolled and reported by the school district for funding during October and February for purposes of the Florida Education Finance Program surveys

  • The student is a dependent child of a member of the United States Armed Forces who was transferred within the last 12 months to this state from another state or from a foreign country pursuant to a permanent change of station order

  • The student was enrolled during the prior school year in a virtual instruction program under s.1002.45, the K-8 Virtual School Program under s. 1002.415, or a full-time Florida Virtual School program under s. 1002.37(8)(a)

  • The student has a sibling who is currently enrolled in a virtual instruction program and the sibling was enrolled in that program at the end of the prior school year; or

  • The student is eligible to enter kindergarten or first grades

  • The student is eligible to enter grades 2 through 5 and is enrolled full-time in a school district virtual instruction program, virtual charter school, or the Florida Virtual School.